Mersing Trip (11th March 2016)

This event was held on the 11th of March, 2016. My Astronomy CCA invited me and some other group members to attend an overseas trip to Mersing, Malaysia. 

The objective of this trip is to observe the sun using solar telescopes during the day and observe the celestial objects at night. We chose the destination for this trip to be in Mersing as it has low light pollution, therefore more celestial objects can be seen in the sky.

The trip to Mersing was around 5 hours long. We stayed in Felda residences near the sea side. We had breakfast lunch and dinner at the at the hotel.

Below is a picture of the hotel:

The equipments that we brought with us are stated below:

- Celestron PowerSeeker 80AZ Telescope

- Coronado Solar Scope

-Radio Telescope

We held activities during the day and night

We held solar viewing activities during the day.

We also held celestial viewing at night.
(No picture available as the camera is unable to take pictures in low light conditions)

Overall, this trip was very fun and educational. I learnt from teachers and seniors about the sun, and different celestial objects and constellations.

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